Are you looking to install a backup generator and have no idea where to start?

Trust the installation job to Just-In-Time Electrical in Vancouver, WA

You’re at home, waiting out the storm that’s battering your property. Suddenly, the lights go out and you’re plunged into darkness. Save yourself from a night of fumbling around for candles with generator installation services from Just-In-Time Electrical, Inc.

A generator supplies backup power to your home when a storm or other unforeseen occurrence causes a power outage. Enjoy added peace of mind with a backup plan from Just-In-Time Electrical, Inc. There are several ways to back your home up with a generator with almost any budget in mind, including automatic and manual.

Schedule generator installation services right away.

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The experienced electrician at Just-In-Time Electrical in Vancouver, WA can determine:

  • What type of generator you need
  • What size generator you need
  • Where the generator should be installed

We abide by all applicable codes and regulations to make sure your generator is properly installed. Get a free estimate from Just-In-Time Electrical today.

Experts in installing the following Back up Power systems:

Briggs & Stratton