"Train people well enough so they can leave, Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”
-Richard Branson

At Just-In-Time Electrical we live by a Motto:

At Just-In-Time Electrical we live by a Motto:

"Work to Live, Not Live to Work"

So many companies these days are all about crunching numbers, pushing their guys to work long days and weeks. As a previous employee in the trade, I understand the strain that this type of work can put on employees health, well-being and family life.
That's why here at Just-In-Time Electrical, our workers are hand-selected from the best of the best - and because of that, they're treated like the best of the best. Benefits for full time employees include:

  • Steady 7:30 - 4:00 work day Monday-Friday
  • No scheduled overtime or weekend work
  • Paid Vacation and Holidays
  • Health Care Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Pay above the Average Rate

We have found that our employees are more likely to be well-mannered, respectful, not rushed, and perform at a higher level than most others in the same field as a result of these benefits and working conditions. Because of this, production seems to follow and the employees are rewarded in various ways throughout the year with things like:

  • Company Dinners
  • Weekend Retreat
  • Bonuses

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Employee Testimonials

See what our team has to say about working for Just-In-Time Electrical, Inc.

Jesse McChesney

"I really enjoy working at Just-In-Time Electrical, Justin has worked really hard for allot of years to create this company and its reputation. He works hard to make sure we get 40 hours of work every week but still manages to make sure we don't work nights or weekends . Unless we want to. He really cares about all of us, he puts us first and makes sure we're not just employees but makes us feel like we're apart of something."
- Jesse McChesney

Marc Paetzold

"I love working he mostly because of the company culture. you can tell that everyone wants to be here and wants to do a good job for each other and our customers. We really do try to put the customer first, which is a refreshing change from were ive previously working in the past where the bottom line is all that matters. Justin however leads this company with respect; no an iron fist."
- Marc Paetzold

Randy McChesney

"I love how structured the business is it makes it really easy on everyone to know exactly were any project is at, at any given time. I also love how professionalism is emphasized, plus we have a great office staff and crews that make it easy for me to deliver on promises I have made to the homeowners."
-Randy McChesney

Lawrence Hubmeier

"I had the pleasure of being an employee for Just-In-Time electrical for a period of time. After my transition out of the military I was hired on with Just-In-Time electrical as an electron's apprentice. During that time I learned many skills that I will continue using in my current job as a law enforcement officer. I learned great customer service skills, with Just-In-Time electrical is a business that bends over backwards to make the customer happy and leave them with a great impression about the company that has many customers returning.
Most importantly I was able to see that every problem has a solution, as long as you're willing to go that extra mile as Just-In-Time Electrical is. No matter what size the project was every project was handled at the same high standard, that mentality will greatly befit you anywhere in life you apply it. My experience with the Company has always been great and I'm proud to say I was an employee of Just-In-Time Electrical."
- Lawrence Hubmeier

Austin Winders

"I was an Apprentice Electrician for Just-In-Time Electrical from August of 2016 to March of 2017. It was a privilege to have worked for a company that cares so much about providing the best possible product. I could always rely on the extensive experience and knowledge of the Master Electrician and Journeyman Electrician I worked under. Both taught phenomenal work ethic and high quality of work by example. It was clear by their actions that integrity and customer satisfaction were top priorities. I am proud to have worked for Just-In-Time Electrical and would not hesitate to recommend both the electrical services of the company as well as employment!"
- Austin Winders

Shane Morrison

"Working at Just-In Time Electrical was a great experience. The knowledge of Justin and his crew was past down and explained in a way that made it easy to follow and fun to learn. Justin communicated clearly and always made sure there was work ahead. Great company!"
- Shane Morrison