Just-In-Time Electricals Simple, Standard Warranty

2 Years on labor/6 Months on material

Common questions about our warranty:

Why only 6 months for material?

Although we make sure to use the best products the industry has to offer, the factory's can sometimes make mistakes. Usually if there is a product defect it will show itself in the first 6 months of being installed. If your product has a defect after 6 months and your still with-in the 2 year labor part of the warranty we will come out and do the install for free you will only be charged for the device that went bad.

When does my warranty go into effect?

Your warranty automatically starts on the date of your invoice and is good from that point forward.

What sets our Warranty apart from the rest?

  • No need to register for some sort of special program. When we complete a job for you, you're a part of the Just-In-Time Electrical family and that's good enough for us.
  • All your job information is kept on file at our office and can easily be accessed at any time so no need for you to keep track of paperwork.
  • No need to pay extra for a warranty. Each job we perform comes with our simple, standard warranty free of charge.
  • No 1-800 hotline to call. You can call our office at 360-836-5806, Monday-Friday, 7:30am- 4pm and our office staff will take care of you.
  • No run-around and no time wasted trying to figure out if it's under warranty or not, no fine print, just call us and we'll let you know and get you scheduled to take care of the issue.