Does Your Electrician Offer Service Calls in Vancouver, WA?

Does Your Electrician Offer Service Calls in Vancouver, WA?

Call Just-In-Time Electrical, Inc. today for residential and commercial jobs

When you have an electrical issue that can be tackled in short order, Just-In-Time Electrical, Inc. offers service calls for residential and commercial properties. These are typically jobs that can be done in 30 minutes or less, including:

  • Installing single-light fixtures
  • Checking outlets that aren’t working
  • Changing out lightbulbs

There is a flat rate of $125 plus tax on residential service calls, and $150 for commercial service calls in the Vancouver, WA area. After the 30 minutes are finished, there is an additional $125 or $150 per hour at the start of each hour. Call 360-836-5806 when you need an electrician at your location.

Have your system examined for bigger issues

If your electrical outlets or wiring need attention from an electrician on a regular basis, have us check your system in-depth. We not only offer maintenance services, but will also look at rewiring or panel upgrades should your system need it. Contact Just-In-Time Electrical, Inc. for your residential and commercial electrical service needs.

What is a Service Call?

A service call is any minor job that we can take care of and fix inside of a 30 minute window.

This includes:

  • Checking why your plugs and/or lights aren't working
  • Installing a light fixture on an existing light box
  • Replacing an existing light fixture with a new one
  • Changing out balalst and/or lamp
  • Replacing damaged or outdated electrical outlets
  • Replacing damaged or outdated electrical switches
  • Installing dimmers
  • Reconnecting an appliance (dishwasher, disposal, hot water heater, oven, microwave, etc.)

Service calls cost $125 (price is subject to tax and permit fees). This fee covers labor only, and additional charges may apply for any material used. Please note that we only connect electrical connections - any venting or plumbing connections must be made by appropriate contractors.